Candice Boucher

Candice is as an out of the box thinker, with a passion to solve complex IT scenarios and to simplify them into sensational customer experiences. Candice uses a unique set of skills to fully understand how customers interact with your systems, people and processes and how to optimize customer interaction with your brand.

Candice is pragmatic, approachable and friendly. She has the ability to juggle between creativity whilst applying logic, reason and factual data to come up with innovative solutions. She values equally the input of all agile participants and has excelled in pulling teams together to deliver excellent-quality work.

I am also a bunch of fun to be around, well articulate and well liked by colleagues 🙂 This would be the first time I’ve spoken at a conference so i would be very nervous but would love to tick this off my bucket list and hope to go on to speak at many more where I can show my passion for UX and the value it adds to peoples lives.