May 14-15, 2015


Sci Bono Science Centre Corner of Miriam Makeba & President Street, Miriam Makeba Street, Johannesburg, 2107


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14 Professional Speakers

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We are excited to announce Johannesburg hosting UX South Africa 1st Conference of 2015. 2014 was a fantastic start for our inaugural UXSA Conference in Cape Town - Great venue, excellent speakers and enthusiastic delegates.

UX Cape Town SOLD OUT 4 weeks prior to the event, UX Johannesburg will be no different! UXSA aims to inspire, educate and develop skills through a mix of engaging talks and stimulating presentations.

Conference and Workshop Schedules


Welcome from Organisers

Keynote - What Does it Take to Engineer a Great User Experience, on an Industrial Scale?

We know how to design great user experiences (UX). We will share briefly the ROI of UX and illustrate how UX work gets done. But, there is a harder question. How can we systematically and reliably design great user experiences for a large organization.


The Firma Model, meta framework that spans the length and breath of human centered design.

The complexity that arises from understanding design problems as a part of our social fabric poses many challenges to human-centered design. Is understanding users and their context of use enough? How do we ensure that all stakeholder needs, across the ecosystem, are accounted for? How do we ensure these needs are harmoniously reconciled in our design strategy? And how do we measure and critique our designs in this broader context?

UX-Why-Z,shows how user testing and persona profiling can change the shape of business

Take a few years back. Design was led by the business. What customers saw first was led by category managers. Data was gospel. This is the story of how asking a different question told us what data couldn't

Design can Open Source

Overview: Open source licenses

  • Benefits of open sourcing design work
  • How to open source work
This topic is aimed at designers and some development practices will be discussed


Psychology and UX: Understanding how people think and feel makes better products

The session shows the audience their own 'vulnerabilities' of their brain and how we can use those in designing user interfaces.

UX for Betterness, not Business

Business mostly calls on the UX guy to make stuff "less bad. However, the organisations making big impact (and profit) like Tesla, don`t do "less bad". They push the limit of how good things could become. What thinking can shift the UX conversation in SA from less bad to maximising potential?


Beyond sketching features: UI design as natural, intuitive human conversations

Many teams drive the initial design process by what amounts to sketching features. The focus is the physical placement of features to achieve mechanical usability. Getting the UI to be simple, intuitive, and achieve user goals comes later through refinement and iterational” if at all. A better approach would achieve these crucial goals deliberately rather than accidentally. A user interface is essentially a conversation between users and technology, so we can make better design decisions by focusing on effective human communication.

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Keynote - Let’s design services that people love

Digital is undoubtedly changing the world as we know it, and raising people’s expectations about interacting with brands, each other, as well as the world around them. So how do we, as designers, as brands, bring services to market that people will actually love, use all the time, and which will help transform the way we work and live? In this talk, Andrew will focus on service design ­a perspective on design that brings together many disciplines and helps us look at things from an emotional human perspective. He’ll tell a few stories to illustrate why we need to continually rethink how businesses design for their customers in the future, and how they need to think so they are ultimately successful.


The role of UX in the Agile product management process

In Silicon Valley, Agile is the de-facto standard for innovating new products. But an Agile project needs good product management and good UX design to succeed. Fitting UX in with product management and Agile can be uncomfortable for UX designers. Once you get it, though, you’ll never want to work any other way. We’ll look at: - Why Agile works well for innovation and for software delivery - What product management is and why your software product can’t succeed without it - The different product phases: Discover, expand and exploit - The role of UX in each phase - Setting up hypotheses and metrics to keep Agile teams on track - How to get the time to do your design - How to make sure the users get a voice too

Eye Tracking the User Experience

Eye Tracking is a relatively new technology, but it is well established in the field of research. In this talk we will look at how to use eye tracking in UX research, specifically how to plan, prepare and conduct an eye tracking study. And a brief look at how to analyse and interpret eye tracking data to support your conclusions on how people are responding to your designs. The talk will be very visual, offering real-world examples and practical applications. There will also be an opportunity for delegates to try the eye tracking hardware and software products themselves.

International Telecom Benchmark

The UXalliance conducted an international benchmark study which evaluated the digital environment for the telecoms industry in order to gain a better understanding of existing online self-service and e-commerce platforms. A number of features and functionalities offered on the sites were assessed in order to identify trending functionality and best practices in the mobile telecom industry. Eighteen UXalliance partners participated in the study which included 36 companies from across the world.


Digital Web Accessibility in developing countries

Developing countries cannot meet international standards such as WCAG 1, A, AA and I'm currently doing my master's degree at UJ developing a thesis on the current situation in SA and similar countries. I'm aiming to develop a less rigorous framework that both enable disabled users to access content equally but also make standardisation achievable for emerging economies such as ours.

User Research – Tales from the trenches

People are very interested in real life stories and surprising findings that come out of our research. By sharing these stories through my talk, they can become part of UX "folklore" and can be used by UX practitioners in their interactions with clients\businesses to back up their proposals and solutions.


Designing at Facebook Scale: Considerations When Designing for the Entire World

When designing at Facebook, you are designing for the entire world at the same time, which comes with a distinct set of considerations that most designers will never have the opportunity to deal with. Joanna will discuss common design challenges Facebook Product Designers have to face, share knowledge and anecdotes Facebook has discovered via research, and go over some tactical advice to keep in the back of your mind when building and designing your own products.

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Andrew Beckley

Andrew Beckley

Group Director

As a pioneer of rapid innovation methods, Andrew Beckley thrives off solving design challenges with a clear and creative approach. With 12 years of experience designing products and services online, as well as starting his first agency in 2005, he’s grown up alongside an ever-changing digital industry. Andrew brings this approach to Fjord as Group Director in Berlin. Through a highly collaborative and visual process, Andrew has led his teams to partnerships with leading German companies to help shape their brands with new services. Always looking to further humanise a design challenge, Andrew is also in charge of making sure the Berlin studio is a space for intensive knowledge sharing, mentoring and, of course, creative fun. Although Andrew is loyal to the digital space, he still tries to find time for traveling, and even painting, beyond the screen.

Dr. Eric Schaffer

Dr. Eric Schaffer


Dr. Eric Schaffer is the founder and CEO of Human Factors International, Inc. (HFI). In the last quarter century, he has become known as the visionary who recognized that usability would be the driving force in the "Third Wave of the Information Age," following both hardware and software as the previous key differentiators. Like Gordon Moore's insight that processor power would double every 18 months, Dr. Schaffer foresaw that the most profound impact on corporate computing would be a positive online user experience – the ability for a user to get the job done efficiently, easily, and without frustration. Dr. Schaffer's book Institutionalization of UX: A Step-by-Step Guide to a User Experience Practice provides a roadmap for companies to follow in order to make usability a systematic, routine practice throughout their organization.

Jason Hobbs & Terence Fenn

Jason Hobbs & Terence Fenn

Jason Hobbs:
Jason is Director of Human Experience Design / JH-01. He has over 17 years experience in practicing IA, UX and service design internationally, lectures part time, conducts academic research and has been deeply involved in developing the UX community of Practice.

Terence Fenn:
Terence is a full time lecturer in interaction and multimedia design at the University of Johannesburg. He gained his Masters in Art and Design Education from the University of New South Wales and is currently completing his second Masters at the University of Cape Town.

Kari Peters

Kari Peters

Head of UX & Content Strategy

Kari is the Head of User Experience and Content Strategy at Clicks2Customers, a full service digital performance agency with services in UX research and design, web analytics, content strategy, SEO, search and display marketing, social media, and omni-channel digital strategies.

Garth Braithwaite

Garth Braithwaite

Developer & Designer

Garth Braithwaite is a developer and designer on PhoneGap at Adobe. He is committed to open source because he know how it can make things better; to such an extent that he started Design OpenWeb Friends as an excuse to talk to people he admires most.

Nancy Douyon

Nancy Douyon

User Experience Research Program Manager

Nancy Douyon is a User Experience Research Program Manager at Google. She has a special focus on remote user research methods and emerging markets. Her daily quest is to increase the usability of products, applications, complex systems and websites across different cultural ideals and cultural practices. Prior to Google, Nancy worked at IBM Interactive Research, Accenture Experience Agency, and Intel's Mobility Group. She was instrumental in creating a User Experience Lifecycle approach to help better understand how non-US markets are using US products in their everyday lives. Nancy originally hails from Haiti by way of Boston, MA, USA.

Farai Madzima

Farai Madzima

Digital Product Designer

Farai was going to be doctor but didn’t get the grades, so now he’s a designer. Using scribbles and pixels he’s spent the last 10 years trying to convince businesses that people on the other side of the screen should be treated as humans.
For 7 years he did this kind of stuff for clients like BBC, Audi and Telefonica in UK. These days he’s grappling with even more interesting design challenges in South Africa, where screens are small but more important, bandwidth is low but precious, and businesses are just starting to understand that UX is not UI.

Everett McKay

Everett McKay


Everett McKay is Principal of UX Design Edge, a user experience design training and consulting company for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Everett's specialty is UX design training for software professionals who aren't experienced designers through onsite and virtual courses and workshops. He has delivered UX design workshops to an international audience that includes Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

Phil Barrett

Phil Barrett


Phil Barrett is an associate director at Deloitte Digital Africa, leading their experience design team. He has over 20 years experience designing digital interfaces. He launched early websites for News Corporation in London and New York, helped to create the BBC’s first website, and looked after technology and design for the launch of in 1997.

Ed Ellis

Ed Ellis


Edward Ellis is the Director of Inclusive Solutions, a South African company that specialises in Eye Tracking Technology. Inclusive Solutions are resellers of Tobii, who are the global leaders in the field of eye tracking. We have two main divisions within the business that utilise this technology - one that focuses on providing communication and computer access solutions for people with disabilities, and the other provides cutting edge research tools offering consumer insight in to areas such as shopper behaviour, market research and usability studies. Ed is responsible for the research division and for promoting Tobii solutions in South Africa. He lives in Knysna, WC with his wife and two young boys.

Helga Stegmann

Helga Stegmann

Owner / User Experience Consultant

Helga is an User Experience consultant that have worked in the industry since 1999. She started Mantaray, a User Experience agency in 2006 in South Africa and have been involved with creating innovative products and services for the African market. Her focus is in the digital environment understanding customers and assisting clients in developing products and services that are innovative in meeting business objectives and answering customer needs. She works from the initial strategy level through to final implementation of the digital product or service. Mantaray is the African partner of the UX Alliance which consist of 26 UX agencies worldwide that collaborate on global clients in meeting UX research and design demands. Helga is currently the elected COO of the UXalliance ensuring the strategic objectives are met of the partnership.

Ryno Booyens

Ryno Booyens

Senior Specialist in Ecommerce UX

Ryno is currently a Senior Specialist in Ecommerce UX at Vodacom and has been in digital for the last 10 years. Ryno has worked in the UK, India and South Africa and has a passion for web accessibility and user experience.

Rob Cowie

Rob Cowie

Head of UX and Design

Rob is currently the head of UX and Design at Discovery Health. He has worked in a variety of industries from marketing, finance and information systems, to development, design and UX. He is a passionate rugby supporter and blogger, potjiekos officiando and appreciator of great design, art and all things digital. Rob is an evangelist for User-centred Design and takes any opportunity to spread the word on UX. His favourite work saying is "Even if it is delivered on time and on budget, a new product will fail if it does not meet customer needs"

Joanna Chao

Joanna Chao

Product Designer

Joanna currently works as one of the Product Designers at Facebook on the Profile team. She has previously worked as a consultant for various startups all over Silicon Valley, in almost every industry you could think of. Passionate about traveling, learning and understanding other cultures, Joanna has taken 2 extensive trips around the world. She continues to feed this curiosity through her work at Facebook, endeavoring to empathize with all Facebook users across the world, and creating thoughtful and useful experiences for them.

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