Michelle Hattingh

Content Designer at Praekelt.org


Michelle Hattingh has been working in a range of content roles for the past seven years. She studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Stellenbosch University before doing a Bachelors in Psychology and English. She then did her Psychology Honours degree at the University of Cape Town. She’s worked as a Features Writer, Digital Content Marketer and Community Manager before settling into the role of Online Editor at Marie Claire Magazine for two and a half years. This role involved content strategy, user experience, and a whole lot of panic about what the Kardashians are up to. 
Michelle is currently working as a Content Designer at Praekelt.org, where mobile technology is used to solve some of the world’s largest social problems. If you don’t know what a Content Designer is, don’t worry, we’re all still figuring it out. While working with Praekelt in the last year she also received two certifications in Human-Computer Interaction Design and Emotional Design from the Interaction Design Foundation.