Clean Cooking: Still a privilege in 2021

The presentation intends to showcase the social impact of KOKO Networks, which combines technology, capital and consumer demand.
The inspiration for KOKO came when the founders witnessed first-hand the rampant environmental destruction brought on by the charcoal industry in East Africa.  Its ubiquitous use for cooking was clearly unsustainable, driving vast deforestation and land degradation, as well as unacceptable (and avoidable) death rates from indoor air pollution.

From inception, to now serving more than 150k happy households across Greater Nairobi area (meaning that well over half a million Kenyans are eating food cooked on a KOKO Cooker every day), the journey has been challenging and satisfying at the same time.

A key challenge (among several others) was to to serve customers who are not tech savvy and not the typical ‘digital first’ customer, specially when the world had to embrace ‘remote’ since last year.