Co-designing our post-pandemic working practice

We all significantly adjusted our working practices through necessity as the lockdown forced us to work from our homes. We quickly found new uses for old tools and rapidly adopted new ways of working that have now become second nature. The lockdown has accelerated our practice and made us open to new ways of working that we may never have considered before. But how will things work when people inevitably start to return to their offices while others remain at home?

In this collaborative workshop we will explore how could we might adapt our practice again to take the best aspects of remote working and combine them with the new requirements of a post-pandemic world.

Participants will benefit by:
Being able to share their own experiences
Being able to learn from the experiences of others
Learning about new methods and techniques that have been useful for other people
Sharing what new demands they are hearing from colleagues and clients

Themes: Post-Covid, Flexible Working, Co-design