How to Interpret (RAW)R

Workshop Overview:  In the workshop titled “How to Interpret (RAW)R,” participants will embark on an exploration of raw data analysis in UX research. They will delve into the fundamental concepts of raw data and its critical role in shaping user experiences. Through engaging exercises and real-world examples, attendees will gain practical insights into both qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques, learning how to extract meaningful insights and identify potential pitfalls in data interpretation.

A key focus of the workshop is understanding the nuances of raw data and what to look out for when analysing it. Participants will explore the intricacies of qualitative and quantitative data, refining their skills in extracting actionable insights while navigating common challenges in data interpretation.

While various topics will be covered, including the integration of qualitative and quantitative findings, the central theme of the workshop is empowering participants to harness the power of raw data to drive meaningful improvements in UX. By the conclusion of the session, attendees will leave equipped with practical skills and knowledge to confidently interpret raw data and make informed decisions in their UX practice.