Dean Broadley

Dean is a Design Executive from Cape Town, South Africa. He’s spent his career working hard to connect experiences in the physical, digital and career spaces and finds great value in leaving things more human than he found them. Currently the Founder of Designing Humans, an organisation dedicated to professionalising & strengthening design in Africa, he spends his time mentoring individuals, assisting enterprise design executives demonstrating the value of design, managing design practice at scale, raising design literacy and developing sustainable talent pipelines. Previously, Dean has worked in startups and tech businesses as a Product Designer, been an executive design director for a multi-national bank and a digital communications specialist. Outside of work, Dean spends his time with Design communities in South Africa creating the platform for designers to share, learn and improve through the practice of being human. He is also an avid Chilli breeder 🌶

Jacqueline Fouche

I’m a hands-on, principal experience designer and design coach specialising in conceptual design for startups and design operations. I set up design departments to get designers to work successfully with product and engineering in dual-track Agile and continuous delivery spaces.

Davidzo Mashiri

Davidzo is a UX Researcher with roots in psychology as a registered psychometrist and has spent time working in Korea as an English teacher. Davidzo works at Sand Dollar Design and currently consults to Vodacom, merging her passion for mental health and design to enhance everyday lives.

Rachel Main

Rachael started her career as an Urban Planner, but after being exposed to User Experience by chance, she was attracted to the field and started with an internship at Sand Dollar Design, where she is currently employed as UX Designer, consulting across a range of clients in the Healthcare and Digital Marketplace industries.

Sean Buch

With a passion for scaling design teams through authentic leadership, Sean built the UX Practice at Entelect, a global technology consulting firm. Starting from scratch, he grew the team to over 40 talented designers, embedding human-centred practices into the company. He is now an independent consultant and small business owner, solving problems for customers across the globe.

His enthusiasm extends beyond the present, delving into Speculative Design and Futures Thinking. Here, he leverages his experience in Design Thinking and Design Sprint methodologies to explore tomorrow. Sean’s motivation for exploration is rooted in a desire to address the Wicked Problems that may not yet be apparent but are becoming inevitable, driven by disastrous environmental practices, unchecked capitalism, and the rampant use of AI and social media.

His deep love for science fiction in indie games, novels, and film informs his passion for envisioning what lies ahead. As Isaac Asimov eloquently stated, “There is an art to science, and science in art; the two are not enemies but different aspects of the whole.” Sean firmly believes that design and engineering are crucial to solving future challenges. Sean has an MA in Fine Arts and continued skills development at The Interaction Design Foundation.

Dr. Setor Zilevu

Dr. Setor Zilevu is the founder of ZLabs, a Lead User Experience Researcher at Meta (Facebook), and a professor at New York University, Tandon School of Engineering. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, a Master of Science in Computer Science, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. Dr. Zilevu was honored as a 2022 Innovator Under 35 by MIT Technology Review for his work merging UX and A.I. for stroke survivors. Dr. Zilevu has a wealth of experience in the field, having worked on researching and developing assistive technologies aimed at empowering, not replacing, humans. Now, Dr. Zilevu is utilizing the Z-Methodology to merge UX and A.I. in education, retail, sports, and social justice. His additional past experiences include working as a UX Researcher at Google and focusing his Ph.D. dissertation on understanding the mental models of humans to build A.I. systems. His work over the years has led him to become the youngest Ghanaian UX Ph.D. holder. Dr. Setor Zilevu hopes to make a lasting impact on people’s lives everywhere through the merger of UX and A.I. In his free time, Dr. Zilevu enjoys indulging in his passions, including playing basketball, reading, and chess.